Values and Beliefs


1. Quality
we ensure that there are appropriate quality assurance systems in place. Quality assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements.  We are currently working towards our Leading Lights Accreditation.

2. Professional Learning Organisation
We are  committed to life long learning and ensures that all staff and volunteers are professionally trained to the highest and most appropriate standard. We aim to be an organisation that learns and encourages learning among its people. We promote exchange of information between employees hence creating a more knowledgeable and sustainable workforce. This produces a very flexible organisation where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and changes through a shared vision. We practices engaging in reflection to identify important elements of past events to identify what changes are important for the future.

3. Honest
We are characterised by integrity and fairness and will act in an open and transparent way at all times.

Services respect and observe service users’ right to confidentiality and all service users are informed of situations where that confidentiality may be limited.

4. Autonomy
We believe that we have the ability to remain unique, strong and independent. We aim to be led by our values which are ingrained in the needs facing our client group.

5. Empowering
Empowerment is a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. It is a process that fosters power (that is, the capacity to implement) in people, for use in their own lives, their communities, and in their society, by acting on issues that they define as important.

Our services promote empowerment and self help to enable service users to take control of their lives and inform the delivery and development of services.

6. Equality
We define Equality as a value and as a principle, as essentially modern and progressive. We believe that inequality equals discrimination. When discrimination occurs, the resulting experience is often one of oppression, which is best defined as:

“Inhuman or degrading treatment of individuals or groups; hardship and injustice brought about by the dominance of one group over another; the negative and demeaning exercise of power. Oppression often involves disregarding the rights of individuals or groups and is thus a denial of citizenship.” (Thompson, 1997)

We understand the links between discrimination and domestic violence and aim to work in an Anti Oppressive way at all times. At a minimum we comply with the Equalities legislation of 2010 in all aspects of service delivery and and where possible and when resources permit we will actively seek to develop ways of working that meet the needs of those services users that are most disadvantaged and marginalised by providing specialist support.

7. Consultative
The process of consulting communities about decisions which affect them directly. This can take the form of community surveys, focus groups or public meetings, for example. For Community Consultation to be truly effective, the views gathered from the Community will be used to inform future service planning and development within Safer Preston.

8. Inclusive
We will take positive action to include all sectors of society in planning and other decision-making. Services provide independent institutional/individual advocacy and/or support to promote the needs and rights of service users.

9. Creative
We  strives to see, develop and implement initiatives in a new or different way and aims to balance new ideas and services along with work strategies that are already working. Services operate within a context of relevant interagency cooperation, collaboration and coordinated service delivery.

10. Social justice
We aim towards the Ideal condition in which all members of a society have the same basic rights, security, opportunities, obligations and social benefits. Services demonstrate an appropriate and informed approach, relevant to their service users, that recognises and understands the dynamics and impact of domestic and sexual violence, within an equalities and human rights framework.

11. Safety
We believe that everybody has the right to be safe. Services ensure that all interventions prioritise the safety, security and dignity of service users and staff.

12. Governance
Services provide effective management of services so that service users receive a quality service from appropriately skilled staff.